The Need for SEI

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The world’s political vibrancy has increased the necessity for an evaluation tool that would provide recommendations based on both theory and practice. It would provide an improved position of social enterprises to advocate toward improvement of the ecosystem that target social enterprises. Such development could be the platform they need in order to promote growth.

Political Dimension

The political dimension and political processes in general have an impact on the overall economic environment. An enabling political environment is essential for the emergence, development and promotion of social entrepreneurship.

Economic Dimension

The economic environment has a significant impact on the rate of entrepreneurial activity. Favorable economic environment also enables inflow of foreign investments which capital should further positively affect domestic investments and domestic economic flows.

Legal Dimension

The legal dimension for social entrepreneurship is still unclear and indefinite. It remains one of the biggest challenges for sector development. 

Institutional Dimension

Institutions should provide the climate in which social entrepreneurship are developing. The institutional context and the institutional set-up and efficiency in general are important for the implementation of policies and strategies for the development of social entrepreneurship.

Financial Dimension

Social entrepreneurship is closely related not only to social but also to economic results. Social enterprises entering the market and undertake entrepreneurial activities to survive and finance their social mission.  Lack of financial support measures for the emergence of new social enterprises is one of the main factors hindering the development of the sector.