Dimension: economic
Subdimension: Socioeconomic

Poverty is one of the key factors for development of sustainable society and it is one of the components of the Index for Human Development. 


Tanchangia, Yingying, Chowdhury (2020) point out that social entrepreneurship can contribute to poverty reduction. Hence, this connection is very important for the creators of social entrepreneurship policies because if there are poor people, there is potential for development of social entrepreneurship which serves as an instrument for poverty reduction. 

Sijabat (2015) points out that social entrepreneurship has a role to play in creating economic opportunities for the poor. This may further have secondary effects on social mobility, ie to create economic opportunities that will stimulate greater dynamics of the population for the transition from one economic class to another. This means providing an opportunity for those at the deepest level of poverty in social enterprises to earn and get out to move to the upper quintiles.

Tiwari and Kumar (2020) point out that in addition to the effects on classical poverty, social entrepreneurship has an important role to play in reducing various types of poverty (eg energy poverty). This is important because when creating policies and strategies, it is necessary to measure these types of poverty in detail, and to define the specific types of social enterprises that will affect a certain type of poverty. Poverty reduction mechanisms need to be strengthened given the coronary crisis and its negative effects, as well as the World Bank’s 2020 forecast that a pandemic could increase poverty to pre-2015 levels.

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Poverty is a condition in which basic human needs are greater than the ability to meet them.

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% of WGI + % of SSO/2


Economic Dimension


Socioeconomic indicators

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World Bank, State Statistical Office.

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Global reports

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2 years



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